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December 2020 Ringing News


Ringing Beyond the Music

by Lee Hinson, Oklahoma Representative

Very early in my college music training, I was taught that while every instrumentalist and vocalist had their means of making music, the conductor’s “instrument” was the ensemble they were directing. The conductor interprets and performs the music through a group of other musicians. Obviously, this means you begin with what is on the printed page, working for accuracy in notes and rhythms. Then, directors should be open to what musical things can be done beyond what is printed on the page.


How Can We Help?

by Venita MacGorman, Area 9 Education Chair

Your new Board of Directors asks you “How can we help?” What new things would you like to learn? These are unusual times, to say the least! Many of us are ringing in new configurations or away from tables altogether. Would you like to learn some new and creative ways to use bells in the worship service other than playing the prelude or “special music”? Would you like lists of music for small ensembles? Do you need instruction in 4-in-hand, bell trees or other solo ringing techniques?


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