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February 2020 Ringing News

Freshen Up Your Concerts

We all know that typical Handbell concert format – talk about the piece, play the piece, repeat, talk about how a bell is made, tell a few bell pun jokes, re-enact the Schulmerich/Malmark wars… you know, the usual. We’ve all done this concert, and it definitely does fit a genuine need: we have to find something to do while Sally sets up her bells for the next song. So, then what other things can we do to fill this time and make for a captivating concert?   READ MORE

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A Music Typewriter?

We all know the standard typewriter of yesteryear. We’ve even composed music that includes the sounds of the keys and the carriage return bell. But have you ever heard of a music typewriter? Take a peek at a rare machine called a Keaton Music Typewriter and learn how this 1950’s creation helped shape the music we read as musicians today. You can even watch a video of this unique machine in action!   READ & WATCH

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The Heritage Fund

The Heritage Fund was created to enable handbell musicians to dream dreams of beautiful music for years to come, to take a bold step towards a secure and stable future for HMA. And we want you to play a part of the future! Imagine uniting people through music for years to come. Help create a secure and strong future impact for future generations. Let’s build a new heritage for tomorrow. It’s not just a dream…it’s an innovative approach to a lasting heritage.   LEARN MORE

How Do You Go Green?

In today’s mantra of reduce, reuse, recycle, we want to hear some of the tips, tricks, and tools you use to help make your handbell life more green. Tell us your methods, ideas, and dreams of an eco-friendlier handbell world using #GreenHandbellLife on your favorite social media site. Let’s get the conversation going!

National Board Election Opens Feb. 15

The national election will take place February 15 – March 15, 2020, to determine the three who will join ongoing board members Jill Fedon (who becomes president on October 1), Bill Mathis, Linda Minnotte, and Kyle Webber. Members will also be voting on updates to the National Bylaws.

Please visit the National Election pages on our website, where you will find the slate of candidates for your national board as well as instructions on the voting procedure. Please take time to read these pages so that you are able to make an informed decision on who will determine the vision and goals for your organization in the coming years.

Included on the ballot this year is an update to Handbell Musicians of America’s national bylaws. While most of the edits are not substantive, this election cycle creates an opportunity for the board to go forward with several proposals we have been discussing over the past year.   ELECTION DETAILS

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