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May 2020 Ringing News

Summit 2020 Canceled

Due to the current health pandemic, Area 9 has officially decided to cancel our Summit 2020 Handbell event in Waco on June 19 and 20, 2020. 

All registration fees will be refunded by the end of May, 2020.

Thank you for your understanding and your patience, as we issue refunds.

Watch for "BRING THE RING" events this fall, held in multiple locations around Texas and Oklahoma. We look forward to ringing with you again soon!

Patty Highland, Area 9 chair

2020 Bell Tree Composition Contest

by Barb Brocker

The bell tree ringers from ‘Into the Forest’ are sponsoring a composition contest for bell tree with handbell choir music.  Deadline is August 15.  Prize is $2000.   

The bell tree community is seeking music to help move bell trees from the periphery into the mainstream by seeing more bell trees playing with handbell choirs in concerts, church services, and other venues.  We are defining the mainstream as handbell choirs who play level 2+ to 3 music and have 3 to 5 octaves of bells and probably chimes.  We are seeking more music for this range.

For more detailed information about the contest, and to request an application, go to   2020 BT Composition Contest

HANDBELL RINGER SPOTLIGHT – The Princess in the Choir

By Jill Fite

Do you have a princess in your handbell choir?  Many of you will think:  YES, I have a ringer who THINKS she is a princess, WANTS to be a princess, BELIEVES she should be treated like a princess, or TRIES to dominate the choir like she is royalty.  I’m not talking about any of those princesses. 

Meet Lani Kauahquo.  She is the Hobart Powwow Princess.  She lives in Hobart, Oklahoma.  Lani is 13 years old and in the 8th grade.  She goes to Hobart Public Schools, attends the First United Methodist Church, plays the flute in band, and sings and acts in local productions at Shortgrass Theater.  She tried handbells for the first time a year ago and has learned quickly.


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