Handbell Musicians of America Spectacular at Disneyland

Type: Event Extras
Price: $135.00
Admission Type:
Ringing Preference:


Stay an extra day at Seminar and participate in another truly unique opportunity The Handbell Musicians of America Spectacular will feature a concert by the Distinctly Teen Choir on Sunday, July 16. On the final song of that concert, which will be a Disney® tribute, National Seminar attendees will have the opportunity to join a massed group of ringers to play along with the teens.

Our performance will take place at the Train Station near the main entrance of Disneyland®. Those who participate in the Disneyland® Ensemble will receive music and a ringing assignment in advance to prepare and memorize before the event. The Ensemble will rehearse with the Distinctly Teen choir during Class Session 16 at National Seminar.

If you opt to ring, please be sure to indicate your ringing preference in the options.

PLEASE NOTE:  Only Low-Bass positions are available at this time.

Not sure you want to ring, then choose the Park Only option from the Admission Type

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