Certification Level 1: Handbell Techniques

05/01/2018 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM ET


National - Virtual Bell Academy



This course examines basic handbell and handchime ringing and damping techniques, with an emphasis on ergonomic principles and sound production. Which muscles are used for ringing and what they do, the ergonomic way to ring handbells, damping the bell, handling heavier bells will all be discussed.



Recommended Texts

  • Berry, Susan, Healthy Ringing: for Handbells and Handchimes, Handbell Services, either 2000 or 2012 editions are fine
  • Conable, Barbara, What Every Musician Needs to Know about the Body: the Practical Application of Body Mapping to Making Music, Andover, 2000
  • Parsons, Thomas, Bass Bell Techniques,From the Top, 2006
  • Sue, Larry, The Bass Ringer’s Notebook, Chorageus Music, either 2007 or 2017 editions are fine
  • Handbell Techniques with Michèle Sharik (DVD), Above The Line Publishing, 2011


This course will be pre-recorded in two 75-minute sessions and will be available for download beginning May 1.  Registrants will be provided with the download link when it is available.

Course Fee:

Regular Registration - $165 (not including test)

Member Discounted Fee: $125 (not including test)

Testing will be available at the Handbell Musicians Certification & Instructor Accreditation event in Dallas, Texas, May 31-June 2 or at National Seminar in Grand Rapids, Michigan, July 17-21.


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